SCAP Workbench 1.1.0

The new SCAP Workbench is out! This is the biggest release to date. We focused on improving the typical use-case of tailoring and remote scanning. This is also the first release to have Windows and MacOS X support!

Update: Thanks to the great work of Jakub Jelen, we now have a testing release for Windows that supports remote scan! Give it a try, report any issues: SCAP Workbench 1.1.1 will be released some time soon and will have remote scanning from Windows included.

Fedora updates for F22, F21 and F20 are pending. Testing and karma would be greatly appreciated! This release brings so many fixes and does not break existing use-cases that I decided to push it to older Fedoras as well. Even though it is a major release.


sw-1.1.0_1 sw-1.1.0_2

sw-1.1.0_3 sw-1.1.0_4

What’s new?

1.1.0 is a packed major release, the number of changes is second only to the 0.8.0 C++ rewrite.

  • Windows support – including a native MSI installer
  • MacOS X support – including a native dmg image
  • Complete redesign of the main window, with rich-text rule descriptions
  • Better SCAP Security Guide integration
  • Tailoring window greatly improved – shows relationships between values and rules
  • Opens bzip2 files
  • Performance improvements when loading big SCAP files
  • Countless UX improvements
  • And a lot more, a total of 49 tickets fixed, plus fixes merged from maintenance branches

Where to report issues?

The best place to report issues is the trac bug tracker. However I also accept reports via the mailing list or even comments to this blog post.

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