SCAP Security Guide now has an HTML guide for each profile

In the past the SCAP Security Guide project built one or just a few HTML guides for some chosen profiles. The build system also used a special profile called allrules which is no longer supported since OpenSCAP 1.1.0. This caused issues when building SSG against new versions of OpenSCAP.

To fix it once and for all I have created a pull request that has been merged and has been released as part of SSG 0.1.24. Since then SSG builds one guide for each profile and provides an index file that allows user to switch between the profiles. The reasoning for building so many guides is that if we ship a profile it is important enough to warrant shipping an HTML guide for it as well.

Here is how the new profile switcher looks like:


I have uploaded the RHEL6 guides with the profile switcher to fedorapeople, take a look:

We plan to install these guides in downstream packages (e.g. Fedora). Instead of bundling them with the main package we will create a subpackage -doc with the guides and other optional documentation material.

Feedback appreciated! Do you think we should upload these guides somewhere for people to browse? Are there any features missing?